OHAI! My names is Rachel and I'm brazilian. I'm 22 years old and I'm from Rio de Janeiro. I'm not much for speaking english, I prefer to speak my own language or, maybe, french (actualy, I'm much better speaking french than speaking english). Idk why I made this blog because I don't have an easy life. I study almost 24 hours per day (ok, no) and in the end of the day I'm madly looking for my bed. I think I should say that I'm crazy about The Strokes, but this is so obvious (HELLO! juicyjuice-julesbox, you know?).
Ps: Julian, be mine, baby

nothingventurednothinglearned-d whispered, "hey- sorry this was like a month ago, but do you by chance know where the source is of the quote where julian is talking about "how could be so perfect for me" from out of the blue to be about juliet? i'm just curious; i've never read that one before. thanks so much:)"

Hey, no prob! ;D And yes, I do! I save all Jules’ interviews

 Here it is.

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